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On Intuition and Art

Many young artists, particularly those embroiled within an MFA program, struggle to defend their art making decisions. If their decision can’t be backed up with a snippet of Deleuze, a paragraph of Baudrillard, or a chapter of Benjamin, they feel, it has no meaning. Many artists drown themselves in theory, using it as the sole inspiration for work that signifies the signifier of art theory, bouncing around an echo chamber of ideas that, regardless of how well-intentioned those ideas may be, are more than likely obscure if not downright irrelevant to a large portion of their work’s audience. Continue reading

A mixtape of remembered sounds 5

  • Street traffic and wind from the top of a minaret at Al-Azhar mosque [Cairo]
  • Cat purring while sitting on top of a motor scooter in Zamalek [Cairo]
  • The creak of an abandoned house boat as it swayed in the Nile current [Cairo]
  • The joyous noise of the disco boats after dark [Cairo]
  • The shuffling of canvas-booted feet inside the Solar Barque Museum, Giza [Cairo]
  • The rattle of dishes and silverware mixed with conversation in at least four different languages, Felfela restaurant [Cairo]
  • Birds, bells, and silence inside the Madrasa and Khanqah of Sultan Barquq [Cairo]
  • Woman emptying water bucket into the street, Al-Muizz Street, Khan Al-Khalili [Cairo]
  • Donkey chewing hay in Old Cairo [Cairo]
  • Clapping, whistling, and laughter of the audience dancing on the stage at a concert in the El Genaina Theatre [Cairo]

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Untitled 12

To watch a vision form
out of emptiness and scratches
to hear the paper struggle, then yield
as the graphite bites into it
to feel the resistance of the pencil to the hand
that seeks to control it.

The translation of image to image
of thought to form
of impulse to structure;
the recording of actions
that produce an artifact of gestures
and ideas
and intuition.

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Towards a Museum of Museum Sounds

For the better part of a decade, I’ve been recording the sounds inside of museum spaces. While some of these recordings have been published either online or on CDs, an ideal situation would be for the recordings to be put on display in a public place, where people could listen to them, engage with them, discuss them, and hopefully find as much beauty, escapism, and poetry in them as I have. But what type of public space would be the best fit? Continue reading

A mixtape of remembered sounds 4

  • Ocean waves at the beach [Long Beach]
  • Camera shutters, breeze, boats, and traffic below the castle wall [Heidelberg]
  • Stomping on the floor of the Columbia College reverb chamber [Chicago]
  • Sunken bedroom floorboard [Ann Arbor]
  • Elevator rising, ZKM [Karlsruhe]
  • Trolley pole wheels on overhead cables [Toronto]
  • Men’s room door hinge, Café De Balie [Amsterdam]
  • Punching time clock in Jackson Park [Milwaukee]
  • Portable electric generator, Eastern Market [Detroit]
  • Caged bird market [Paris]

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