My Current Top Ten (well, Eleven) Pieces of Sound Art


10. Proto-Corinthian aryballos, artist unknown (670BCE)

9. ‘Silence/Noise‘, Antonio Manuel (1975)

8. TIE: ‘Rhythmic Manufacture‘, Amor Muñoz (2015/2017) and ‘Record Release (12 inch)‘, Christof Migone (2012-)

7. ‘Langjökull, Snæfellsjökull, Solheimajökull (Ice Record)‘, Katie Paterson (2007)

6. ‘Handphone Table‘, Laurie Anderson (1978)

5. ‘Das Schweigen (The Silence)‘, Joseph Beuys (1973)

4. ‘Times Square‘, Max Neuhaus (1977/2002/2016)

3. ‘Letter to My Neighbours‘, Sarah von Sonsbeeck (2006-2010)

2. ‘Electrical Walks‘, Christina Kubisch (2004-)

1. ‘Box With The Sound Of Its Own Making‘, Robert Morris (1961)

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