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Sound Maps in the 21st Century: Where Do We Go From Here?

Sound maps are boring. Why? I would argue it’s because they’ve become stuck in a rut that began when the idea of ‘sound map’ became synonymous with online, Google API-based or other forms of point-and-click, CD-ROM era interface design. If we want sound maps to become less boring, this needs to stop. But how do we as sound artists (or would-be ‘sound cartographers’) break free of the point-and-click model? Continue reading

Tractable Space

Space is endlessly malleable, pliant, transformable. Try as architects might to command space, to fix it in place, it is inherently tractable in relationship to the person experiencing it. Everyone’s experience of a space is different: they exist at a different height, they occupy the space at a different time, they hear different things there. Who hasn’t stayed in a hotel, or moved into a new apartment, and reached for a light switch they swear should be there because it was just there a second ago – or was that another apartment ago? Continue reading