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Untitled 13


A breeze, not yet brumal
sprinkled across our fingers like the leaves of an unfinished book
as we stared at massing clouds:

wispy tortoises
fuzzy elephants
nebulous rabbits

the nearly imperceptible glissade of an impossible bestiary
backed by a soundtrack of airplanes, helicopters,
and psithurism.


The sun was rising
but our ears ignored cycles
of rise and fall, off and on;
the auricular is always there even when the luminous is not.


Beneath the trees, a curious scent of pepper
brushed against suppressed fire
as if the petioles of the forest’s offspring would spark
when we stepped on them;
they popped like
in any case.

Within waterless eddies of that frosty wind
they danced around our feet
in imperfect circles
begging us to join them
if only we would listen.

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Untitled 2

In the grey clearing under a canopy of pine, oak, and maple
we walked on brown needles
until crispy leaves, now forgotten by their branches, began to fall around us and
I stopped.

I had to listen.

The silent flutterings, invisible impacts melting into the undergrowth
were lost upon the bird and the lonely car off in the distance
both deaf to this momentary theater of slow motion gravity.

You kept walking, but I wasn’t alone.

Our isolation
was a ligature
connecting no-sight and no-sound:
a fragile ball of sibilating yarn unwound
within the labyrinth grooves
(dusty, sedimentary)
stretched between the things
that you never heard
and I never saw.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Tractable Space

Space is endlessly malleable, pliant, transformable. Try as architects might to command space, to fix it in place, it is inherently tractable in relationship to the person experiencing it. Everyone’s experience of a space is different: they exist at a different height, they occupy the space at a different time, they hear different things there. Who hasn’t stayed in a hotel, or moved into a new apartment, and reached for a light switch they swear should be there because it was just there a second ago – or was that another apartment ago? Continue reading