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Film Review: Francofonia

“All museums must be prepared for war,” states director Alexander Sokurov during his ongoing narration of his latest film, Francofonia, a meditation on European cultural heritage and conflict via the Louvre. Continue reading

A mixtape of remembered sounds 6

  • Leaves falling extremely slowly in a nature preserve, no breeze, one car driving past in the far distance [Chicago]
  • A single leaf tumbling and coming to a stop on top of a piece of broken glass at the bottom of a staircase on the Seine [Paris]
  • Wind through palm trees [Las Vegas]
  • Tree trimmer’s work falling to the ground in Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum park [Cairo]
  • Leaves falling onto grass and patio bricks underneath my back porch [Ann Arbor]
  • Falling through a pine tree into a bed of needles below it [Milwaukee]
  • Playing my snare drum with dried leaves [Chicago]
  • Swirling leaves on concrete while sitting on a bench reading outside ZKM [Karlsruhe]
  • Kicking a small pile of dried leaves along Westminster bridge [London]
  • Placing a treasured ginko leaf from a friend in an envelope in preparation to move it to another city [Chicago]

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