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Why Listen to Museums?

This is the text of a talk I gave during the Soundscapes Late event at the National Gallery in London on 4 September, 2015. You can also download and listen to a recording of the talk on my SoundCloud page. Continue reading

Towards a Museum of Museum Sounds

For the better part of a decade, I’ve been recording the sounds inside of museum spaces. While some of these recordings have been published either online or on CDs, an ideal situation would be for the recordings to be put on display in a public place, where people could listen to them, engage with them, discuss them, and hopefully find as much beauty, escapism, and poetry in them as I have. But what type of public space would be the best fit? Continue reading

Untitled 10

The Active
of History:


the stabilizing hum of an HVAC system
camera phone synthesized shutter sounds
“no flash photography, please”


the piercing cry of a bored and hungry child
footsteps squeaking on a polished stone floor
cryptic words and numbers wrapped in walkie-talkie crackle


the hissing, whining, and clicking of a heavy door
stifling a cough
“no touching”

a hush

then, whispering

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